About Us

  • A music school that nurtures artists

    Our philosophy is to provide the best quality education to students by teaching music as an artistic practice.

    We believe that performance on stage greatly boosts confidence, intrinsic motivation, self-realization, and personally rewards students.


    • Personalization

      Customized lesson plans for every child.

    • Role Models

      Educators as role models for your children

    • Performance-based

      Recital and performance opportunities

    • Music Theory

      In-depth exploration of music theory and ear training

    • Literacy & Excellence

      Music literacy and excellence in performance

    • Exams

      Competitions and music exams

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  • A letter from our Director

    Dear Parents and Students,

    At Pacific Piano School, we believe every child can and should learn music just as they should learn math, science, language, or any other subject they would learn at school. Music lessons should be an invaluable and inevitable part of a child’s educational schedule. Our school aims to teach music as an art. We aim to educate past just technique, fingering and proper phrasing; we aim to teach our kids how to see life through the gift of music – a beautiful gift which must be crafted, developed and shared.

    Our teaching methods are strongly encouraged to shine through the school’s strong emphasis on performance. We strongly believe performance activities that are an integral part of a quality musical education:

    – Students participate in recitals 3 to 4 times a year.
    – Every performance boosts confidence, intrinsic motivation, and is personally rewarding.
    – Students participate and win numerous local, state, and national competitions.
    – The majority of our students pass an annual test and/or a California Certificate of Merit exam.

    As your director, leading our school, I am excited to continue this great history of the Russian school of music. I am dedicated to continuing our school’s duty in passing along accumulated knowledge, traditions, and experience to your growing children.


    Dmitriy Kosovskiy