Fall Festival 2021


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In addition to our Grand Prizes in each age group, this year we introduce special prizes in 3 Categories:

  1. Jazz/Latin/Pop Influence
  2. Folk Influence
  3. Ensemble Music


Mark your calendars – November 19th will be the Public Performance and Awards Announcements starting at 4:30pm each evening.  Check back here on November 2nd for the full schedule and links to the performance.

See the Livestream Below!

The competition will be held in 4 groups.


5-7 year old group starts at 4:30pm
8-10 year old group starts at 4:45pm
11-13 year old group starts at 6pm
14 and above group starts at 6:45pm


The students will be playing for a panel of 4 adjudicators. The judges will be joining us via zoom.

Updated Awards List

Category Grand Prizes

  • Jazz/Latin/Pop Influence
  • Folk Influence
  • Ensemble Music

Awards: All Category Prizes – $50 Cash Prize

Age Group Grand Prizes

  • Ages 5-7
  • Ages 8-10
  • Ages 11-13
  • Ages 14+

Awards:  Ages 5-7 $20 Cash Prize,  Ages 8-10 $30 Cash Prize, Ages 11-13  $40 Cash Prize, Ages 14+  $50 Cash Prize

Come Enjoy the Fall Festival

The Fall Festival at PPS is a celebration of music. Every year PPS put on a Competition and performance, and this year is no different. In 2020, the Fall Festival takes place virtually, culminating with a public performance and presentation of the annual awards