Our Programs

– For All Ages and Goals

Private Lesson Program

Our Private Lesson Program is centered around customized curriculum for each student based on their needs and goals.

  • Customized lesson plans for every child
  • Educators who are outstanding musical role models
  • Recital and performance opportunities
  • Music literacy and excellence in performance
  • Competitions and music exams

Group Lesson Program

The group lesson program is designed to give brand new musicians a solid and fun introduction to the craft.  For the youngest students under 5, this group environment can be the best starting point.  The Introductory group piano class is centered around collaborative learning and places an emphasis on developing skills that students can use to springboard into private lessons.

Intro to Music – Little Mozarts

This parent participation class is an introduction to rhythm and song.  The class serves as a foundation for future music classes

Group Beginner Piano

Group piano classes are designed for parents and students to learn music together and prepare for private lessons. Group lessons teach parents how to practice with your child and the fundamentals of music.

Summer Programs

PPS Summer Programs offer unique courses and camps at the Evergreen campus.  Past offerings have emphasized improvisation, competition prep, and intensive study.  Contact the front desk to be informed when for next summer’s activities!

Music Theory

Preparing for the California Certificate of Merit? (CM Test) All of our students participating in this annual exam enroll in classes to refine skills in music theory and ear training. (charged semesterly)

A Program to Match Every Goal




For Those Looking to be Pushed to Rapidly Improve Their Skills

The Growth Track is a great fit for more serious students looking to progress quickly as a musician.  This track emphasizes regular performance opportunities and preparation for annual performance exams and while balancing fun and achievement.

For Those Looking for an Enjoyable Challenge

The Enrichment Track is best suited for people who want to learn an instrument at their own pace primarily for personal enjoyment.  This program emphasizes performance opportunities while you are encouraged to achieve in a fun, low stress environment.

For Competitive Individuals with the Highest Expectations

The Competition Track accepts no excuses and drives you to improve with one sole focus: to be the best of the best.  Members of this elite team compete in and regularly win local and national competitions.  Graduates of this program go on to great things both in music and outside of it.

Specific Programs

Exam Preparation – Certificate of Merit

The Certificate of Merit is a state-wide evaluation system created and offered by the Music Teacher’s Association of California MTAC for music students in the field of Performance, Technique, Ear Training, Sight Reading, and Music Theory. CM was established in 1933, and draws in more than 30000 students statewide. Currently, CM is offered on piano, violin, cello, viola, voice, harp, French horn, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, and euphonium.

Having students participate in the CM is a great way for them to set goals and achieve them. Through the process of CM, students not only learn how to play their instruments and acquire musical knowledge, but also learn how to be disciplined with practice, develop time management skills, and work on developing the qualities of a well-rounded musician.

PPS is committed to preparing students for the CM evaluations, and it can be seen in our results!

Competition Program

If you wish for your child to participate in local, statewide, national, or international competitions, PPS is the school to prepare them. Our students participate annually in various music competitions in the Bay Area, and throughout the country. This includes the USOMC (United States Open Music Competition), the USIMC (United States International Music Competition), the San Jose International Competition, the Bay Area Piano competition, the Bay Area Chopin Competition, Gavilan College’s Marian Filice Youth Piano Competition, various programs and competitions offered by CAPMT (California Association of Professional Music Teachers), and Bay Area Music Association competitions, in addition to many others. We also send our students to the prestigious American Protégé competition in NYC annually with students invited to perform at Carnegie Hall at the Winner’s recitals and award ceremonies.

Music Theory

Music theory is vital for students as it leads to the understanding of musical concepts and elements fundamental to understanding how music works. Music theory is the study of pitch, melody, harmony, texture, rhythm, dynamics, expression, structure, and other topics we cover in theory classes. PPS is committed to developing well-rounded musicians, and without a doubt, music theory plays a large part in the development of a young musician. We offer classes for general theory, CM prep theory, and AP level classes so that students of all levels can learn and grow.

Annual PPS Music Festival & Competition

PPS hosts an annual Fall Festival to allow our students to shine! This event is about community, sharing music, and friendly competition. Every year we select students from each studio to participate at the Fall Festival, with an annual theme. There’s an audience favorite prize (monetary) for each age group of competitors, and trophies and medals for all prize winners! Our faculty act as adjudicators and we will also be inviting special guest adjudicators. We hope you will join us for this fun and festive annual competition.

Pre- College Music Program
(Prep for College Entrance as Music Major or Minor)

At PPS, we hope that students continue their music education throughout their lives. Our teachers have prepared students for entrance auditions to several California universities, as well as colleges and universities nationwide. We can prepare them for their auditions, entrance theory exams, and work on their aural skills and listening. Our students have been accepted into music degree programs throughout the state and across the country.


In 1889, Sir Alexander MacKenzie, the principal of the Royal Academy of Music in London suggested to Sir George Grove, director of the Royal College of Music, that there should be a new examining body and system to motivate music education with an objective of a “high standard of achievement”. The ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is now an examination system recognized globally. ABRSM offers Practical, Music Theory, Practical Musicianship, and Jazz exams to students all over the world. Practical exams comprise of repertoire, scales and arpeggios, sight reading, and aural skills. At PPS, we offer students the chance to take this internationally recognized and valued examination.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call at 408-599-3535 or Email Us and we would be happy to make a recommendation based on your needs or arrange for a trial lesson with one or more faculty members.